Charles Oropallo works toward Peace

Peace rock given to Charles Oropallo by his brother Peter.Charles Oropallo first became involved with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) way back in 1993. A friend of his at that time recommended it to him as needed. However, it was from that involvement that Charles chose to embark on a course of understanding the dynamics leading to violence. This quest for understanding led to educational endeavors culminating in a Master’s Degree in Psychology focusing on human motivational factors – why we behave as we do – and what to do to effectuate change. Charles understands that peace always begins with nonviolent conflict resolution being understood be people in general – one person at a time. The trick, he believes, is finding leaders who can appropriately manage foreign relations in a manner conducive to mutual growth and respect across boundaries.

Peace seems so elusive. We all have a firm concept of what we think it is. Just about everyone thinks they want it. But it has been so difficult to implement either locally or globally. Charles finds himself asking “Why is that?” There is no simple answer. Just like anything involving relationships among people, attaining peace requires work. Any time there is more than one person involved with anything, there are differences of opinion. So agreement and avoidance of discord become increasingly difficult as population increases.

Peace would be better arriving late than never. Born in the early 1950’s, Charles Oropallo does not recall many times in his lifetime where peace seemed to prevail. There have always been conflicts going on someplace on the planet throughout recorded history. What a tremendous waste of resources – having to keep up the “war machine” as long as man has been “civilized” because it is good for the war machine’s economics.

Charles Oropallo recommends AVP – the Alternatives to Violence Project – to everyone. It is the ultimate answer? No, it is just a step in the right direction. Take a look at for more information about the incredible process of learning alternatives to violence and become bent on eliminating world violence: one person at a time.